Strategic Branding

Each aspect of your unique professional experience plays a key role in defining your personal brand. Although there may be others fit for your position, only you possess the unique combination of skills and experience that you’ve spent a lifetime developing.

My goal is to identify those unique skills and qualifications that set you apart from other candidates. I then develop a specialized branding statement and strategy to guide the development of your overall résumé package.

Professional Résumé

Through a unique story-telling method we work together to collect vital information about your career experience and accomplishments. My objective, third-party perspective allows me to craft the details of your résumé with the goal of highlighting your unique value to prospective employers.

Each résumé is designed to be effectively utilized by Applicant Tracking Systems during the online submission process and can be easily customized for every position and organization you target as part of your career search.

Social Media

Technology and social media networking play a key role in today's job market. Whether using LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, I create a specialized strategy based upon your personal brand and skillset keywords to make sure that your profile is noticed by the right employers at the right time.

Through a proven quality over quantity approach, we work together to identify online networking strategies which maximize your exposure while minimizing the time you invest in each network.

Cover Letters

Each cover letter is specifically designed to target your unique career goals, sought after organizations, and desired positions. We highlight for each recruiter your most distinguished accomplishments, as well as the passion, core values and vision of your personal brand.

As with each professional résumé, these cover letters are formatted for quick and easy revision for each contact in your search.

Each résumé package includes the following:

Personal Branding ♦ Professional Résumé ♦ LinkedIn Profile ♦ Cover Letter